January 4, 2021

Shaun L. McKay Explores the Challenges Facing Higher Education Today

The Challenges Of Attending College In Today’s Complex and Changing World: For many people, college is seen as the key to success. For a very long time, I have shared and surmised that “Through Education comes Transformation and Economic Empowerment.” The demands placed upon individuals seeking to join the economic infrastructure require technical expertise and […]

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Shaun L McKay
September 29, 2020

Shaun L McKay Speaks on The Pivot to e-Learning: How COVID-19 Forced Higher Education to Teach in the Cloud

Shaun L McKay Discusses the Pivot to e-Learning and how Higher Education has Adapted in Response to COVID-19  While universities have progressed into e-learning over the past two decades, many, including Santa Clara University, had not offered an online course until the COVID-19 pandemic caused an emergency need to host classes. While universities only began […]

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