January 4, 2021

Shaun L. McKay Explores the Challenges Facing Higher Education Today

The Challenges Of Attending College In Today’s Complex and Changing World: For many people, college is seen as the key to success. For a very long time, I have shared and surmised that “Through Education comes Transformation and Economic Empowerment.” The demands placed upon individuals seeking to join the economic infrastructure require technical expertise and […]

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Dr. Shaun McKay
December 3, 2020

Shaun L. McKay On The Financial Challenges That Students Face Today

Many Students Are Wondering How They Can Afford To Go To School Today In today’s world, people say that the gateway to a successful future is to invest time into college or university. While this is a great option for some individuals, this does not make college costs less expensive for individuals that enter through […]

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Shaun L McKay
September 29, 2020

Shaun L McKay Speaks on The Pivot to e-Learning: How COVID-19 Forced Higher Education to Teach in the Cloud

Shaun L McKay Discusses the Pivot to e-Learning and how Higher Education has Adapted in Response to COVID-19  While universities have progressed into e-learning over the past two decades, many, including Santa Clara University, had not offered an online course until the COVID-19 pandemic caused an emergency need to host classes. While universities only began […]

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